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What the heck is Curling?

What the heck is Curling?

Curling is a team sport where the participants compete for points by sliding round-shaped stones down an ice pathway at a target called a “Home” and points are tallied based on whichever stones are closest to the center or “Button”. Pretty simple right?!

Lets talk Rules:

  • A coin flip before the game will determine which team slides first.
  • Each team will consist of 2 players who will stand at each end of the ice rink. Alternating turns, each player will try to slide the stones as close to the “Button” as possible.
  • Each round or “End” will consist of both players alternately sliding 4 stones each. Which means 8 stones slid per “End”.
  • Any stone that hits the backboard is considered out of play
  • Points are tallied by the number of stones closest to the button. Only one team can score per “End”. If a team has multiple stones closer to the Button then they can score multiple points
  • Each game consists of 10 “Ends”
  • Super Easy! Now grab a warm drink and have fun!